hand shakeWe are here for one reason. To help entrepreneurs navigate through the world of taking their idea to market and profiting from its success. We are here to advise you on how to proceed in any stage of the process. We will take some load of your shoulders to help your product or service to get to the market faster and in the most efficient way possible. So let’s partner up and get it done.


How Many Hats?

Jugling HatsEvery entrepreneur wants to do what they ┬ádo best and that is design, make their product, and provide service. What they find out is that they became all professions at once? They are a patent attorney, a tax expert, a business lawyer, a branding designer, a financier, a prototype maker, an engineer in all fields, a negotiator, a manufacturer and much more. It doesn't have to be this way. You are good at what you love to do. Let us help you with all other things on your behalf. Concentrating on many disciplines at once gets you to your ultimate goal slowly if it doesn’t stop you completely from accomplishing anything. Don't let anything slow you down. Let us organize and orchestrate other parts of your business.

You don't need to become a patent attorney because you need to write a patent. How long will it take you to learn all the parts of creating a patent? 1-3 months? Or will it make you frustrated so you will put off any progress for 6 months. You never wanted to be a patent attorney to begin with.

How long will it take you to design a web page? Teach yourself law to create a corporation? Become a market expert to illustrate to others that your idea will make money? Are you ready to learn HTML to make a web site?

Let us help you to divide and conquer. You know your passion there are people to help you with everything else. And if you do want to learn law, HTML or patent creation, do it for fun!

Why Inoproach?

Because we've been there and it doesn't have to be this way.

There are plenty of people who can tell you if your new venture makes sense. There are plenty of investors that will believe in you and help your idea to develop through all the stages with know-how and capital that you need. There are manufactures who will prototype, patent attorneys who will research, and web developers who will develop. We will connect you to them. We will manage the progress and report to you.

Let the unknowns become known.